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About us
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About us

Frit Ravich is a family business, founded in 1963 by Josep Mª Viader Alegria, the company chairman. The second generation now runs the company.

Since its foundation, Frit Ravich has worked to create a Customer- and Service-oriented company.

Frit Ravich has been and is a pioneer in computerising its sales team, equipping them with the latest technologies and point-of-sale terminals that allow processing of online orders.

We also offer customers a Telesales Department for processing purchases, informing them at all times of the new and existing offers.

Recently we improved the online ordering software to allow orders to be placed through the website, offering customers the tools needed to speed up operations.

Frit Ravich manages around 2,600 items, including over 575 lines of Chips, snacks, dried fruit and nuts, amounting to an output of 72,100 kilos per day and over 18 million kilos per year.

In addition to its own products, Frit Ravich distributes around 2,000 product lines for the catering trade and Impulse-buye-buy market: sweets, chewing gum, chocolate, snacks, juices and milk shakes, olives and pickles, tinned foods, pastries, biscuits, baking accessories, dehydrated food, spices…

Frit Ravich’s head office is located in Maçanet de la Selva (Girona), with a total floor area of 22,400 m², of which 9,400 m² belong to the factory and 13,000 m² belong to the warehouse. The warehouse is fully computerised and has a capacity of 18,000 pallets; it processes 4,000 orders per day, of which 85% are delivered within 24 hours and the remainder are delivered within 48 hours. There are a total of 150 delivery routes per day.

The factory has its own Quality Analysis and Control Laboratory where R&D projects are carried out to develop new products and all of the products are monitored, from the raw material to the finished product. We are working on obtaining the IFS + BRC safety regulation certificates.

A ERP (SAP) has recently been introduced into all areas of the business with the aim of ensuring an integrated comprehensive view of all of its process. The aim is to improve our processes, integrating all of the areas of the business within a single environment and with an identical working philosophy.


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